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We create modern web designs that are based on current trends and are tailored to fit your business needs. This involves the look and feel of your site and what ideas get emphasized.


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Coding can be messy but we keep it organized. Our websites are built with WordPress and are always responsive for mobile. This concerns the functionality & presentation of your site.


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We add the option of web hosting for our clients and can manage/secure domain names and set up custom email through your website. Your host is a server where your website files reside.



Web Design

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Your business is what this is all about. We want to get to know both you and your brand and see things from your point of view. Our designs are meant to attract visitors to an accurate representation of your brand.

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Not only do we design to fit your needs but we try to incorporate modern trends and ideas into them to keep viewers coming back. We take our designs seriously, but that’s the fun of it.


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We use a WordPress framework for all our websites. WordPress takes all the technical difficulties out of updating your site. This platform allows us to quickly make changes to the content, design, and even the security of your site. It can also be nice for you to be able manage your own site and WordPress gives you the ability to customize your content in a visual format. No code necessary!

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We live in an age of mobile users. 60% of all internet traffic is now generated from mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and iPads. All of our websites are mobile friendly so that anyone searching for your services will be delighted to find you no matter where they are coming from.

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Call: (269) 320-3605
Email: sam@neudeckdesign.com

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